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About Us
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Years Of Experience

About Us

Kapag Sigurado, Hindi Kabado! – Country Bankers

We offer a variety of insurance services to protect people, property, and businesses from financial loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation

Provide financial security for your family in case of an unexpected event. Protect your loved ones’ future and ensure peace of mind.

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation

Provide comprehensive coverage for your car, home, or personal belongings. This ensures financial security in case of unexpected events.

Country Bankers

Our History

Country Bankers traces its roots from the prestigious group of Rural Bankers hailing from all regions of the Philippines.  

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation Logo


Country Bankers Insurance Corporation founded by the late Don Jose E. Desiderio, Sr., and Don Alfredo L. Montelibano Sr.

Country Bankers Life Insurance Logo


With solid partnership with rural banks, Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation was established on March 28, 1965.

Country Bankers Insurance Group Logo


In 2005, we are collectively known as Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG)

Our Companies

Country Bankers Insurance Group

Kapag Sigurado, Hindi Kabado!

Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation

Ito ang Alalay ko sa Buhay

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation

Tulong na Maaasahan

Not sure what you need?

Are you feeling uncertain about what kind of insurance coverage you need? It’s a common problem, and there are many options to consider.
Contact Us & We gladly help you.

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