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About Us

Kapag Sigurado, Hindi Kabado!  – Country Bankers

We offer a variety of insurance services to protect people, property, and businesses from financial loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

Logo of Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation

Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation

Provide financial security for your family in case of an unexpected event. Protect your loved ones’ future and ensure peace of mind.

Logo of Country Bankers Insurance Corporation

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation

Provide comprehensive coverage for your car, home, or personal belongings. This ensures financial security in case of unexpected events.

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What We Provide

Protect what matters most to you with our comprehensive insurance products. Whether you’re looking for coverage for your family, home, car, or business, we’ve got you covered.


Creditor’s Group Life (CGL)

This special plan caters to all lending institutions. It protects lending businesses by assuming payment of the deceased debtor’s loan.

Micro Insurance

The most comprehensive family insurance program for groups of 500+ members from MFIs, rural/thrift banks, co-ops, and NGOs.

Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI)

It protects all lending businesses by assuming payment of the deceased debtor’s loan.

Motorcar Insurance

Motorcar Insurance

Protect your vehicle and your peace of mind with our reliable car insurance coverage. From accidents to theft, our insurance coverage has you covered.

Bonds / Surety

Surety bonds are a crucial aspect of many industries, from construction to finance. They offer financial security and peace of mind to both parties involved in a contract.

Fire Insurance

Protect your home and belongings from unexpected fires and other natural calamities with our comprehensive fire insurance coverage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Get insured now and have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of unexpected events.

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CBLIC Introduces Kalinga sa Pandemya

A one-year Term Insurance protection for individual for COVID related cause of death. For ages 13 – 70 years old No medical examinations required (but with health declaration upon application.) Quarantine Care – pays an insured equivalent 14 days quarantine upon...

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Not sure what you need?

Are you feeling uncertain about what kind of insurance coverage you need? It’s a common problem, and there are many options to consider.  Contact Us & We gladly help you.